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Brand is primarily HOME TRENDS.

Please note: These lots are considered "raw" or unprocessed. This means that we sell them just as we receive them. We do not sort through them or repack them in any way. As a result, pallets may have different piece counts and a slightly different mix of items.

MSRP: $34-85

Large majority of items come in their original retail bag with zipper.

Assortment of sizes including Twin, Full, Queen and King. Pallets include a percentage of bed-in-bag sets.

Pallets include a majority of comforters, quilts and full bed sets with sheets and pillow shams. Exact breakdown of comforters vs. full sets unknown.

customer returns. The reason for return is often included on the item and includes "customer changed mind," "item smells,item not as advertised, customer found cheaper elsewhere, etc.

Since these are returns, we cannot guarantee that all sets inside each bed-in-bag will be fully complete. Some missing items

Assorted Domestic/Bedding - Pallets

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