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Minimum order 27 units

New Overstock

Assortment of 55 pcs per case 27 pcs per split case

Well known branded goods
Items come both loose & carded - all retail-ready!
A percentage of the items come in small master cases
Lots may contain: Color Show Nail Polish, Eye Pencils, Define-a-Lash Mascara, Superstay Makeup, Fit Me Blush, Expert Wear Blush, Color Sensational Pearl Lipstick, Color Sensational Lip Gloss, Superstay Stain Gloss, Dream Bouncy Bronzer, Color Tattoo Eye Shadow, Color Sensational Lip Stain, Color Show Nail Stickers, High Shine Lip Gloss, Mechanical Cream Pencils.

Please note, you may receive between 1 and 20 units of each item. Not every item listed above is guaranteed to be in each box.

Maybelline Cosmetics

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