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RCW was founded in California in 2002. We opened our Las Vegas center in October of 2014 to better serve our Nevada customers. As we continue to stock our Nevada warehouse we negotiate with our vendors to bring you the best possible pricing on an increasing array of products.


At RCW our goal is to develop long lasting profitable relationships with our customers. Where else can you find a supplier who works to meet or beat your current pricing? If we can't do that we will source your products for you. Where else can you find a supplier that will guarantee product movement? We will recommend and supply products to you. If they don't sell, as long as they are returned in like new condition, we will credit your account for the purchase price. 


Call us today to schedule your no obligation initial consultation.


Do you provide International delivery?


For established customers we do provide international delivery. Call for details..



How do I return an item?


Simply call us so we can arrange for a pickup and/or replacement.



What is your returns policy?


Although returns are rare we understand that at times returns to become necessary. We strive to make returns as seamless as possible. Simply call us with the reason for the return and we will evaluate the situation. Once approved we will arrange for a pickup and/or replacement. 

How do I track my order?


We strive to keep you informed. However if you need an update give us a call. Since most of our products are moved through our warehouses and delivered by our personnel we can give you a quick update. .



How can I contact your couriers?


In the rare instance we do use a third party carrier we can still check on this for you and provide you with the information needed for you to check on your own.



What are your delivery options?


Normally we provide delivery service. In those instances where a customer is outside of our service area or during times of peak demand we typically use UPS or USPS to keep our delivery commitments.


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