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Minimum order 15 units.

Beautiful lots of new overstock wholesale jewelry, the majority in original retail boxes (with a small percentage out of box).

These items are overstocks from a well known direct sales multi-level-marketing company.

Majority of items come in original cardboard or velour retail boxes with protective cardboard sleeves. A percentage of the items (large bangle bracelets) come without any packaging.

Packed 250 units per case.

Lots will include: bracelets, bangles, gift sets (necklace + earrings), necklaces, pendants, pins/brooches, charms (for charm bracelets), anklets & holiday themed jewelry.

Lots are heaviest in necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets (88% of the lot).

Original retail prices range from $9.99 to $29.99+ per unit!

Please note, these products are not available for shipping to the UK or to Canada. Thank you for your understanding.

See Additional Product Information.

Assorted Boxed & Gift Jewelry

  • Styles may include zodiac pendants, gemstone rings, holiday/seasonal brooches, mood rings, double rings, articulated rings, wooden bangles, cloth-wrapped bangles, charms and charm spacers for bracelets, large statement necklaces, interchangeable rings,s tackable rings, toe rings, cross necklaces, dangling earrings, studs, cuff bracelets and more!

    Approximate breakdown per lot:


    Bracelet                                19

    Charm                                     4

    Earrings                                62

    Gift Sets                                  7

    Necklaces                            29

    Pendants, Brooches/Pins   4

    Rings                                     93

    Colored Bangles                 20

    Miscellaneous                      12

                       Total                 250

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