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Assorted lots of customer return bedding, domestics and "soft" household goods from a large department store chain.

Please note: These lots are considered "raw" or unprocessed. This means that we sell them just as we receive them. We do not sort through them in any way. As a result, lots may have different piece counts and a slightly different mix of items.

Lots include a wide variety of items including but not limited to: throw blankets, comforter sets, bed-in-bag sets, curtains and window treatments, towels, fleece blankets, wool blankets, sheet sets, fitted sheets, mattress protectors, inflatable mattresses, Disney bedding for kids, throw pillows, quilts and other similar items.

The contents of each lot will differ slightly - you may not receive all the items mentioned above in every lot. The more lots purchased, the greater the variety of products you will receive. 

See Additional Product Information.

Assorted Domestics & Bedding - Lots

  • These are customer return products and as such, are unchecked. You will receive items without packaging, potentially lightly used items, sets that are missing pieces or items that may need to be washed and/or sewn prior to resale.

    These lots are available in truckload and container quantities. Please email or call for details.

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