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Minimum order 75 units.

Beautiful lots of customer return jewelry!

150 pieces per case

Each lot contains an average of approx. $2,100 in ORIGINAL retail value! Please note this is an average figure and individual lots may contain slightly higher or lower retail values.

Very good mix of in-fashion styles!

Lots are varied and consist of a mix of necklaces, chains with pendants, rings, bracelets (bangles, beaded, chunky, pearl, stretch), earrings (studs, dangling, fancy, hoop), earring and necklace sets, tribal jewelry, pins, hoop earring sets, infant earrings and more!

Brands typically include: Genuine Marcasite, Sustain, Hot Kiss, Ruby Rd., Nine West Vintage America, Ashley Cooper Collection, Jessica Simpson, Haskell, Silver Forest, Jennifer Lopez, Harve Bernard, Anne Klein and many more!

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Assorted Fashion Jewelry

  • Please note these are customer return items. Approximately 25-30% of each lot can be expected to be in defective condition meaning items may be missing rhinestones, tarnished, broken chains, broken earrings, missing stones, sets missing 1 item or broken clasp. Many of the defects can be repaired, or profit can be made off of the resale-ready goods.

    The retail value on these lots is very high making it a highly profitable item despite potential damages!

    A majority of the items come with original price stickers on the back of each item and in many cases, the marked-down retail price.

    Items are loose or in poly bags. Some items are carded with hang tags.

    Primarily made in China and the USA.

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