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Assorted lots of customer return toys for kids of all ages from a large department store chain.

Please note: These lots are considered "raw" or unprocessed. This means that we sell them just as we receive them. We do not sort through them them in any way. As a result, lots may have different piece counts and a slightly different mix of items.

Lots include a wide variety of toys including but not limited to: stuffed animals, board games, puzzles, remote control cars, dolls, Tonka trucks, swords, water guns, nerf guns, Baby Einstein consoles, dinosaur figurines, action figures, mini sewing machines, doll houses, musical instruments, video games, video game accessories, balls, toy storage baskets, discover games, play tents, water balloon games, transformers, air hockey games, foosball games, toddler wagons & tricycles, vegetable garden growing sets, water blasters, coloring kits, cookie makers, toddler games, bean bags and more!

See Product information for more.

Assorted Toys