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Minimum order 250 units.

All items are shelf pulls and may come with price stickers or have slightly worn packaging.

Lots contain a wide variety of fantasy cosmetics and nail accessories like: Flavored lip balm, lip gloss sets, eye shadows, lip gloss palettes, lipstick sets, makeup sets for girls, lipstick duos, face and body glitter, lipgloss necklace & ring sets, trio lipgloss wands, soothing lip balm with almond oil & vitamin E, nail art pens, 3 piece lash kits, fashion nails with glue, eye shadow palettes, lip shine and more!

Brands may include but are not limited to: Little Miss Sunshine, Popsicle, Icing, Mrs. Fields, Style, Ring Pop, Back 2 Basics, Girl 2 Girl, Torrid, Baby Bottle Pop, Moxie Girlz, Nascar, Diva Couture, Claire's, Fusion and Charlotte Russe.

Minimum order 250 units.

Majority of the items will come in original retail packaging.

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Cosmetic & Nail Accessories

  • All items appear to be new and sealed but do not come with printed expiration dates. Due to the nature of the liquidation industry, we cannot vouch for the freshness of all the goods in these lots, though they appear to be in excellent resale condition.

    Please note: due to international restrictions on shipping hazardous materials, these items are not available for shipping outside the continental USA.

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