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Change your insoles. Change your life.


VoxxClasic is the product that brought Voxx HPT to the masses. Designed to offer the utmost in comfort along with just the right amount of responsiveness. This is the best product for comfort and performance. Simply ask someone who has tried it. They work and they will improve your quality of life. There will be no questioning your decision to make VoxxClassic insoles a part of your life. This is the original product that helped people find relieft from those aches and pains with drug-free proven technology. 


Designed to Fit:

Running Shoes, Court Shoes, Athletic Shoes, Skates, Cleats and More!


Trim & Fit Design

Using your old insole as a template, match the heels to each other and trace the top of the old insole on to the VoxxBliss insole. Trim along this line.


What is Voxx HPT?

  • Voxx Human Performance technoloty (HPT) is based on 45 Years of research in Neuromuscular Science.
  • Voxx HPT are proprietary patterns of neuro-receptor activation points, called Neuro-points.
  • Tested and Verified for Instant, Safe, Legal, Drug-Free Performance and Wellness!

Voxx Classic The Original Voxx Insoles

  • Insole Size M L XL
    US Men's   7-13 14-17
    US Women's 6-11    
    EU 36-43 39-47 48-51


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