Minimum order 50 units

Assorted lots of CovFurs branded faux fur fashionable boot covers, scarves and wrist cuffs.

Items are new overstock and ready for resale!

Packed 100 assorted units per case

CovFurs are high quality faux fur slipcovers for boots. They add a rich, elegant look to any boot and add flair and individuality, allowing the wearer to express herself! CovFurs are made only from the highest quality faux fur. They look and feel like real fur but are faux...always!

Over $3,400 in retail value per case!

Made in the USA.

Approximate breakdown per case:

Item	             QTY	Unit Retail	  EXT Retail
Boot Covers        63          $39          $2,457
Scarves	             30          $29             $870
Wrist Cuffs            7          $19             $133 
TOTALS            100	                    $3,460

CovFurs High Quality Faux Fur Boot Covers